2017 Year in Review

Largest Euro campaign was Bolt who raised €3.2M from over 2,300 investors.

Number of sectors

businesses raised from

Industry-leading campaign success rate on our platform


Largest UK campaign was Revolut who raised £3.9M from over 4,200 investors.

2017 marked our most successful year ever with
£125M invested into campaigns and 168 deals funded

No wonder we were named the
'The Most Active Funder in UK Private Companies'


Businesses from 8 countries raised on Seedrs in 2017, including: 






Deals funded by Seedrs



Draper Esprit

Dozens of venture capitalists and institutional investors co-invested with Seedrs, including:

Investments were made with an average of over £2,000 per investment.






Number of countries that investment came from.

Our record-breaking year saw £125M invested into campaigns, with a largest single investment of £2.96M


Growth in investment into campaigns, compared to 2016.

The most investments made by a single investor.

Investor conversations with entrepreneurs in campaigns.


Holtzbrinck Ventures
Oxford Capital

Average number of investments in a Seedrs portfolio.

Hayley, 37 investments on Seedrs

“I love investing on Seedrs because they take care of the admin and that makes it a really easy platform to invest in.”

Companies had shares sold on the Seedrs Secondary Market.

Benno, 11  investments on Seedrs

Investors achieved exits.

“Seedrs do their due diligence work and take care of the legal documents - in particular caring about the position of the investor at the stage of investing but also going forward.”

It was the year of investor exits with the launch of the Seedrs Secondary Market, recognising the growing demand for investor liquidity.

What investors are saying about Seedrs

Gavin, 212 investments on Seedrs

"Seedrs is a great platform for highlighting startups looking for investment across a wide range of industries. It makes the investment process simple and enjoyable."



Just some of the businesses that had shares sell on the Seedrs Secondary Market.

Giving 783 investors an exit.

Bought shares from Seedrs investors in 

Sold a majority interest to insurance leader 

We continued to support Seedrs Alumni and their success

Giving 48 investors an exit.

Seedrs Alumni returned to raise further funding on our platform.

There were 30 new exclusive partnerships for the Seedrs Alumni Club to support our portfolio business' growth.



7 members of our team were recognised in the

 Seedrs raised further funding, setting the record for the largest amount raised by an equity crowdfunding platform in a single campaign. 

We welcomed our new CEO, Jeff Kelisky.

With Co-founder, Jeff Lynn moving to Executive Chairman

We kicked-off even more exclusive strategic partnerships.

Women in Fintech Power List.

There have been plenty of achievements in 2017 to be excited about.

Our team now is represented by 14 nationalities, across 4 offices.

Seedrs celebrated its 5th year in early-stage investment. 

5 years

Thanks to all of the investors, entrepreneurs and partners who’ve made 2017 such a success.

Here's to an amazing 2018 ahead!

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